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   Minyan Shelanu’s programs and services are constantly expanding. The services are being utilized by more & more individuals. From our Minyanim, Shiurim & daily Sedarim to our trips & Shabbatons, the clock literally doesn’t stop.

   As you can well imagine, with this growth, our expenses are a constant challenge. Just as the clock doesn’t stop nor do the bills.

   Minyan Shelanu is a strictly volunteer organization which relies solely on donations from generous benefactors from within the Minyan Shelanu family.

   Unfortunately, we struggle to cover our basic month-to-month utilities. As recently as last month the gas and electric were shut off! To help alleviate some of the expenses, we have initiated a new Parnes Hayom Program. During these turbulent economic times, we reach out to you, our Minyan Shelanu family for your support.

   The day you choose, can be dedicated in honor of / in memory of a loved one; or you can use the space to advertise your business. For $72.00 per month, you have the opportunity to share in the zechus of supporting Our Minyan. Although this seems like a small amount, it will go a long way to help fund our basic necessities.

   For more info, please contact R’ Yossi Mizrahi at

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