Minyan Shelanu

Founded in 2001, the Minyan Shelanu is ....

a low profile, yet highly effective organization that has thus far achieved remarkable results. It originally served simply as a warm, non-judgmental synagogue/social center for teens and young adults who did not fit into the more rigid model typical of the community. Before long, Minyan Shelanu became a rallying point for troubled teens desperate for a bit of love, a kind word, and a surrogate home.
The Minyan Shelanu offers numerous programs for teens and young adults. These can loosely be divided into two categories: Synagogue and Social Center. The synagogue programs are generally geared towards young adults, or kids who are “at-risk” but have not yet dropped out of school and the community. The Social Center caters more to kids “on-the-street.” It is important to note that there is significant overlap between the two, as kids will often drop in for a game of pool and wander across the hall to listen to a lecture or the like. For more details, read the about us page .